Prof. Dr Marcos Silveira Buckeridge

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Marcos Silveira BUCKERIDGE

Assistant Professor (PhD)
In the "Departamento de Botânica" since 2005.

Marcos Buckeridge is plant biologist who has spent 20 years working at the Botanical Institute of São Paulo with native Neotropical species. During his masters and PhD he worked with seed storage cell wall polysaccharides in plants and in 1995 established a line of research focused on the comprehension of the physiological and cellular mechanisms involved in seedling establishment in tropical biomes as well as the development of biotechnological tools to help the sustainable use of biodiversity. More than 60 publications were produced following these lines of research. With the increasing importance of the impact of Global Climatic Changes in the world, Dr. Buckeridge pioneered studies that try to understand how the rain forest, including Atlantic and Amazonian species, are responding to the increasing carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. More recently, his research group added another focus, which is to understand how the sugar cane plant will respond to the climatic changes. This is important because sugarcane is now one of the most important crops in Brazil, being responsible for the production of ethanol as a fuel. Dr. Buckeridge has recently moved to the University of São Paulo, where he continues to work on the same lines of research. He has been president of the Botanical Society of São Paulo from 2001 to 2005 and is now a member of the Intergovernmental Panel of Global Change (IPCC) indicated by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Brazil. Presently, Dr. Buckeridge is a communicating editor for Trees:structure and function (Springer).


Selected Publications 


Tonini, P.P., Purgato, E. & Buckeridge, M.S. (2010) Effects ofabscisic acid, ethylene and sugars on the mobilization of storage proteins and carbohydrates in seds of the tropical tree Sesbaniavirgata (Cav.) Pers. (Leguminosae). Annals of Botany 106:607-616


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