Profa Dra Marie-Anne Van Sluys


Marie-Anne VAN SLUYS

Plant Molecular Biology

Full Professor
In the "Departamento de Botânica" since 1989.

My research interest is mainly focused in understanding how plant transposable elements interact with plant genome and development. Transposition involves gene function encoded by the element and DNA repair functions encoded by the host. Our plant models are the Activator (Ac) transposable element of maize and Retrolyc1 retrotransposon in Lycopersicon genus. The work with the Ac element is performed using transgenic Arabidopsis plants and we are dissecting the regulation mechanism of the element in heterologous systems studying its promoter region. We are also involved in characterizing the methylation process associated to the element's inactivation both in maize and Arabidopsis. In the case of the retrotransposon, we have isolated and characterized Retrolyc1 sequences in the Lycopersicon genus. Sequences homologous to this element are found in many members of the Solanaceae family. We focus on the retrotransposon evolution in the group and its possible impact in plant development since they are present in distant members of the family. Genes involved in DNA repair in plants are also being studied in the group. Recently, we got involved in the sequencing effort of the Xylella fastidiosa genome project financed by FAPESP (1997) where a new perspective in the group was established. We are now currently involved in three Genome projects (Xanthomonas, SUCEST and AEG) mostly sponsored by FAPESP through the ONSA Network where sequencing and annotation is being carried by the group. Within the AEG (Agronomical and Environmental Genomes), we are coordinating together with Dr. Mariana Cabral de Oliveira (IBUSP) the Sequencing project of the Xylella fastidiosa strain responsible for the Pierce's disease of grapevine in Californian vineyards. This project is also being sponsored by the USDA, CDFA-ARS and AVF.
Selected Publications

Van Sluys, M.A., Tempé, J. & Fedoroff, N. 1987. Studies on the introduction and mobility of the maize Activator element in Arabidopsis thaliana and Daucus carot." EMBO J. 6: 3881-3889.

Scortecci, K.C., Raina, R., Fedoroff, N.V., Van Sluys, M.A. 1999. Negative effect of the 5'untranslated leader sequence on the Ac transpososn promoter expression. Plant Molecular Biology 40: 935-944.

Costa, A.P.P., Scortecci, K.C., Hashimoto, R.Y., Araújo, P.G., Grandbastien, M.A. & Van Sluys, M.A. 1999. Retrolyc1-1, a member of the Tnt1 retrotransposon super-family in the Lycopersicon peruvianum genome. Genetica 107: 65-72.

Simpson et al. 2000. The genome sequence of the plant pathogen Xylella fastidiosa. Nature 406: 151-157.

Chabregas, S.M., Luche, D.D., Farias, L.P., Ribeiro, A.F., Van Sluys, M.A., Menck, C.F.M. & Silva-Filho, M.C. 2001. A single nuclear transcript encoding mitochondrial and chloroplast THI1 of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Molecular Biology 46 (6): 639-650.


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